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This Rosh Hashanah, children from Maohr HaTorah Hebrew Academy
reached out to Israeli victims of Terror. The Totally Shana Tova greeting
card campaign was a joint effort of the Total Talmud Torah network of
schools, and the One Family Fund. This remarkable campaign was based
on a very simple idea: enable Jewish children from across the country to
send a simple message of care, concern, and hope to their fellow Jews in

Total schools like Maohr HaTorah Hebrew Academy had the children,
OneFamily had the volunteers ready to deliver the cards, and together they
were able to connect hundreds and hundreds of Jews via a special Rosh
Hashanah greeting. Each child created his or her own card, each bore a
touching message from the sender, and each reminded someone in Israel
that no matter what, they are not alone and not forgotten. In many cases,
parents and siblings joined in the effort and entire families sent cards as

Rabbi Leibel Karmel, national director of Total commented that, “All it took
was some paper, colored markers, and the sweet words of a child and we
were able to reach out across thousands of miles and connect with our
brothers and sisters in Israel. And in Israel, the fact that One Family has so
many dedicated volunteers ready to deliver all these cards is itself a
beautiful statement about Jews commitment to one another.”

Without question, these cards made for a sweeter new year this Rosh
Hashanah, both for those who received the cards as well as for those who
sent them.

For more information about this program or ToTal please call 877-ToTal-
613 or contact ToTal at or

Maohr HaTorah Hebrew Academy is located in Santa Monica and can be
reached at 310-453-2601 or